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November 28, 2023

Velo Labs Hits Major Milestones, Forges Path to a Transformative Financial Future

Embarking on a trajectory of remarkable achievements, Velo Labs proudly announces the culmination of significant milestones, propelling the advancement of its visionary "Web3+" financial ecosystem. The journey began with a momentous accomplishment in June 2023, where Velo Labs secured a substantial $10 million investment by DWF Labs. This significant capital injection, a testament to the robust faith and recognition of Velo's promising potential, is fueling the acceleration of our pioneering ecosystem.

Building on this foundation of growth, Velo Labs recently delivered pivotal mentorship in the "Hack-a-TONxDWFxAWS" Hackathon events. This guidance, imparted to aspiring developers and innovators, has been instrumental in fostering groundbreaking solutions within the DWF ecosystem. Through mentorship, Velo Labs not only supports the community but also cultivates a dynamic environment for transformative ideas to thrive, nurturing the development of the next wave of Web3+ projects.

Standing on the verge of yet another major stride forward, Velo Labs is proud to unveil an exciting partnership with a number of notable crypto projects. This pivotal collaboration serves as a testament to Velo's commitment to building an inclusive and expansive ecosystem. These partnerships are poised to catalyze innovation, streamline collaboration, and foster a synergistic environment where various projects will be brought together under the Velo umbrella.

Together, these accomplishments reinforce Velo Labs' commitment to creating an enriched financial landscape with Web3+ technology. The innovative vision, coupled with strategic investments, mentorship, and promising partnerships, is heralding a new era of decentralized finance, poised to bring value and innovation to the broader Web3+ community.

The journey continues as Velo Labs remains dedicated to the mission of redefining the financial landscape through collaboration, innovation, and fostering a dynamic and inclusive Web3+ future.