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Connecting businesses and individuals with a global pool of funds to supercharge the velocity of money through seamless financial services powered by our Web 3+ ecosystem



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with Smart Contracts

We are creating a trustless financial infrastructure that supports crypto payments and smart contracts. The next generation of financial users won’t only rely upon trusted intermediaries such as banks or brokers but will also have the option to use an automated, peer-to-peer network, making financial transactions cheaper, faster, and more accessible.

with Fractional Transactions

Value exchange takes many forms: money you hold in your hand, gold that you mine from the ground, or equity in a company in the form of shares or tokens. Our Web3+ ecosystem provides a landscape where all assets are formless and can be transacted against their real-world value. You won't need to own a whole of something to transact or trade and can fractionalize your investments to suit your needs.

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with Financial Inclusivity

We are building an ecosystem for the borderless transfer of currency and assets to anyone on the network. It provides an innovative suite of financial products and services that make it possible for users to transfer, invest, borrow, or lend funds across the globe.

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with Web3+ powered Infrastructure

We imagine a world where money and innovation are limitless. It knows no forms or boundaries; your imagination is the only limit. Powered by our Web 3+ ecosystem, your financial freedom is unlocked! Via a regulator-friendly framework, it seamlessly integrates with traditional finance networks to allow you to easily move funds anytime, anywhere, for any purpose.

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Not web3, but WEB3+

QUANTUM | A One-stop Lightning-speed Remittance Network
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Power-up traditional financial networks with a blockchain-enabled remittance superhighway

Quantum connects our Trusted Partners (businesses vetted and approved to join the network) to each other. This allows each partner to access the benefits and services across the entire Velo ecosystem and provides lower fees, faster transactions, and broader coverage to all users.

UNIVERSE | A Multi-chain Super DEX
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Trade global assets on a high-performance decentralized exchange at a low cost.

Universe is a super DEX that allows users to connect to a decentralized, self-custodian wallet to maintain control of their funds and reduce third-party risks. Meanwhile, it also supports a centralized trading engine and order-matching system to perform high-frequency trading of any asset at a low fee. Your keys, your crypto - easily move funds anytime you please.

NOVA CHAIN | An Affordable Universal Blockchain Network
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Interconnecting our Web 3+ ecosystem with an EVM-compatible blockchain
Send assets on Blockchain

Nova Chain is an EVM-compatible blockchain and the backbone of our Web3+ ecosystem that facilitates the on/off ramp partners to connect their services with web3+ applications. Nova is an enabler of Quantum’s interconnectivity with various financial systems and provides frictionless transactions for all users on the network.

ORBIT | A Crypto Super App
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Making crypto transfers accessible to all

Orbit is a simple-to-use mobile application that provides a simple “Scan-and-Go” model for P2P payments. Using a common QR code system, your wallet connects to your assets in the Velo ecosystem and allows you to quickly transfer funds for various purposes.

WARP | A Multi-network Cross Chain Bridge
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Freely move assets across blockchain networks with our multi-chain bridge

Warp is a multi-chain bridge that connects blockchain networks. Warp supports Binance Smart Chain and Stellar networks at launch, with Ethereum and several other major chains support coming soon! Users can easily move assets into and out of the ecosystem to suit their needs.


VELO tokens are utility tokens designed to transfer value on the Velo network and ensure stable settlement. The VELO token’s utility lies in its double feature as both collateral and as an entrance requirement to the Velo Ecosystem.

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Sep 2020
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