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November 28, 2023

Velo FCX — The next evolution in digital asset trading

We are excited to announce today, a phenomenal new digital trading platform, named Velo FCX, or the Velo Federated Credit.

Velo’s mission is revolutionizing financial services through the use of blockchain technology. The first solution we brought to market was international payments, which we continue to expand to improve remittance for millions world wide. The second area, which we are excited to announce today, is a phenomenal new digital trading platform, named Velo FCX, or the Velo Federated Credit Exchange, which we are now testing with live transactions in our Alpha phase.

The Velo FCX Platform

Built from the ground up, the Velo FCX platform is a capability and industry leading digital asset trading platform, customized for the needs of institutional traders, retail investors and trusted Velo partners. Our platform provides exclusive trading opportunities across a wide inventory of Velo and non-Velo digital assets, extending to custom Velo digital credits (USDV, AUDV, HKDV etc), non-Velo stablecoins (USDT, USDC, DAI), Velo Tokens and ultimately even Bitcoin!

The Velo FCX platform offers exclusive high-yield staking events and large APY returns, available only on Velo digital assets. Plus, in the future, we will level up your staking game with collateralized margin trading: use your actively staked positions as collateral for trading against other digital assets on the platform. It’s trading, evolved.

Check out some of the platform’s features:


One-click trading across traditional and exotic digital assets. Low cost, low spread CeDeFi at its finest.


Gain unparalleled asset insight using market & user transaction history, as well as real-time order book positions.

Liquidity Pools

Pool aggregation via one simple dashboard. See active and participating pools, filter via fixed/flexible, sort by APY.

Real-Time Order book

View market depth, volume and spreads in real-time.

Automated Market Makers

Automated Market Maker (AMM) functionality baked into all tradable assets, maintain liquidity

Treasury Management

Keep track of active orders, trading history, current balances, P&L and more — all from one convenient and intuitive dashboard.

Smart Order Routing

Smart order routing across exchanges and AMMs, aggregating liquidity and providing the best available exchange rates.


Currently in Alpha phase, as we test and validate system operational readiness, the Velo FCX platform will be moving through 3 phases over the coming months, with the public launch targeted for Q2 2022:

We are excited to bring this platform to our community and partners, and to offer a wide scope of yield and investment opportunities to every participant.

Keep watching our social channels for further updates and advancements.