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November 28, 2023

Velo and Inery Forge a Game-Changing Partnership in Blockchain and Data Management

In a landscape characterized by innovation and transformation, two pioneering entities are making their mark on the world of blockchain and data management. Velo and Inery have joined forces to reshape the digital finance and database management landscapes, promising secure, efficient, and user-centric solutions for the Web3.0 era.

Velo: Revolutionizing Digital Finance

Velo is not just another player in the blockchain arena; it's a dynamic force with a mission to revolutionize digital finance. Their journey began with the creation of a decentralized settlement network, introducing secure and transparent value transfers. But Velo's vision extends far beyond transactional efficiency; it's about addressing the limitations of traditional financial services, leading the way toward a future marked by efficiency, security, and accessibility for all.

Inery: Pioneering Decentralized Database Management

Inery is at the forefront of layer-1 blockchain technology, introducing an innovative solution for decentralized database management. It envisions a new data paradigm, emphasizing cross-chain communication, enhanced speed, and robust security. Inery's focus is on the integration of database management with blockchain functionalities and distributed database management properties.

At the core of Inery's offerings is IneryDB, a flagship solution that brings a secure, cost-effective, and immutable approach to database management. It ensures that control over private information remains firmly in the hands of users and enterprises, marking a significant leap forward in redefining data management in the digital age.

A Pioneering Partnership for a Secure Web3.0 Future

Velo Web3+ Ecosystem is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Inery, a groundbreaking layer-1 blockchain that offers an innovative solution for decentralized database management. This collaboration is a significant step toward our mission of providing users with secure, cross-chain data management while laying the foundation for a Web3.0 future.

The partnership brings with it several groundbreaking developments:

1. Decentralized Data Management: Our partnership with Inery introduces the potential for decentralized data management within our ecosystem. Users can now experience secure, cost-effective data management while retaining full control over their private information.

2. Web3.0 Value Creation: Inery's technology sets the stage for a Web3.0 future by enabling seamless connections with various systems and applications. This paves the way for enhanced value creation potential for users within our ecosystem.

Velo and Inery share a common vision of a secure, interconnected Web3.0 future. Together, we're pioneering the path to decentralized data management, offering users the tools they need to secure their information while fostering a more interconnected and value-driven digital ecosystem. This journey holds incredible possibilities, and we invite you to stay tuned for more exciting developments as we collectively redefine the future of blockchain and data management.