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November 28, 2023

Hello KillSwitch! Welcome to the Velo Solana DEX

We’re excited to welcome KillSwitch, and their award-winning token KSW, open for trading on Velo Solana DEX today!

Today, we welcome KillSwitch, and their award-winning token KSW, open for trading on Velo Solana DEX! Read more about this exclusive partnership, and check out our trading competition below!

What is KillSwitch?

KillSwitch is a smart cross-chain yield aggregator that increases convenience and security for all yield farmers on BSC, KCC, Aurora, Polygon, Solana and Arbitium chains. With key features such as “auto-compounding,” “Mixture,” and the most recent “Take Profit/Stop Loss,” KillSwitch ensures users are free to "unstake," access liquidity from their funds, or sell their high-risk assets effortlessly and securely.


About the partnership

Velo Labs and EvryNet have recently merged under Velo. They share a strong product and technology synergy, and will set out to serve a combined institutional and retail audience of Defi adopters. KillSwitch believes in cross chain technology and strong partnerships with projects grounded in traditional finance like Evry/Velo. The $KSW listing on Velo Solana DEX is the first partnership between Velo and future partners to come.

What is the Velo Solana DEX?

The Velo Solana DEX is a high-speed, orderbook-based, non-custodial DEX built on Solana. Utilizing Serum, it provides the speed and convenience of centralized exchanges on DeFi, while remaining fully trustless and transparent. This was Evry‘s first product focused on building a true Centralized/ Decentralized Finance (CeDeFi) ecosystem; now part of Velo!

Floodgate API

Velo is the only project built on Serum that provides a market maker/quant trader API. Called “Floodgate,” it allows for the retrieval of market information, as well as the ability to place and cancel orders. This allows high frequency traders (HFT) to integrate their own market making bots, which will provide higher liquidity and trading volume to the DEX.

Order book DEX

The order book DEX provides a familiar platform for traders used to trading on centralised exchanges.Traders can specify their own prices with no slippage, and will be able to place stop-loss, stop-limit, “immediate-or-cancel,” or “post-only” orders. The Floodgate API is open to all traders through this platform.

Order book depth - the sp1g0t bot
The “sp1g0t” bot is our “trader-of-last-resort” solution that helps to build order book depth on the exchange. Running as a background service, it ensures that traders will always have a counterparty available to make trades.

IDO listing platform

The DEX has primarily been developed to provide a launchpad for new projects to launch their tokens. One of the more challenging aspects for projects is listing on a Tier 1 exchange where they heavily focus on trading volume. The features listed above facilitate this.

As Killswitch is our first listing partner on the Velo Finance Solana DEX - a product that became part of our CeDeFi offering with the Evrynet merger - we are celebrating the listing with a trading competition that has prizes for top three traders, top three referrers and ten spot prizes just for completing this registration form!

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