Our multi-chain DeFi application with dedicated institutional features, tailored to both retail and institutional investors.


A platform like no other... is our first multi-chain DeFi application allowing for individuals and institutional investors to effortlessly participate in DeFi. We’ve built a decentralized financial ecosystem designed to simplify user experiences for traders and liquidity providers. Trade, provide liquidity, stake, and earn rewards - the choices are limitless.

And with features that include a multi-institutional DEX, Fiat to non-Fiat on and off ramps, liquidity with variable maturity and multiple yield instruments, there is a flavor for every type of trader.

Velo Orderbook DEX on Solana

Our first high-speed Orderbook based, non-custodial DEX built on Solana.

Utilizing Serum, the DEX provides the speed and convenience of centalized exchanges on DeFi, while remaining fully trustless and transparent. We launched the Velo Orderbook DEX to support trading of high-frequency traders as well as more seasoned crypto traders familiar with centralised exchange functionality.

It also provides a simpler to use platform than a DeFI DEX, which requires sophisticated understanding of smart contracts to use effectively. It also supports API integration which is a common medium used by market makers. This opens the door for more accessibility to traders outside of DeFi coming from centralised exchanges.

Floodgate API & "sp1g0t"

A high frequency trader (HFTs, market makers and quant traders) API developed to allow HFTs the ability to interact with the Solana DEX to bring important trading volume and liquidity to the platform.

The “sp1g0t” bot rounds out this service by helping to build order book depth as a “trader-of-last-resort” on the DEX. This ensures that there is always trading activity on the platform.

A Suite of Functionality

Synthetic Assets

Futures & Options

Institutional Investor Section

Lending & Borrowing, Stablecoin Minting

Mutual & Index Funds

Advanced Financial Products

Hybrid DEX with AMM/DMM Orderbook, and Liquidity pools

Portfolio Management & Analysis


DeFi app that provides dedicated institutional features such as

Multi-institutional DEX
Fiat to non-Fiat on ramp/off ramp
Liquidity with variable maturity
Multiple yield instruments available

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