Frequently Asked Questions

Company and Product

What is Velo? What is the company’s mission?
What problem is Velo solving?
Why does it have to be solved now?
What are the other solutions addressing a similar problem?
What are Velo Labs key advantages over the competition?
What is Velo Labs’ product and tech roadmap?


What does the Velo token do?

Technology and Team

What makes Velo’s technology and solution better/unique?
How is Velo Labs using blockchain technology?
What kind of products does Velo Labs offer?
Who runs Velo Labs?
Where is Velo Labs’s team based?
Who are Velo Labs’s most strategic partners?
How many businesses is Velo Labs expected to onboard to use its technology?
What are some popular articles about Velo Labs?
How can I follow news about Velo?
How can I contact Velo?